Visually stunning fire-rated glass panels – safe, strong and versatile

Once you have experienced the strength, beauty and versatility of Chromatics, you will never want to specify another coloured safety glass. For safety, the A2 fire-rated glass panels are unsurpassed, offering a fire resistant, blast proof and shatter proof product that can be adapted for multiple applications. The design possibilities are endless, and the depth and clarity of colours or images created is unbeatable in the safety glass market.

The product’s simplicity and ease of cutting and handling makes it the number one choice for exterior and interior cladding applications, from balustrades and spandrels to rainscreens and curtain walls.


Chromatics is the only safety glass suitable for use in cladding that has an A2 fire certification. A2 fire-rated glass panels are non-combustible, making them ideal for use on structures where safety, fire resistance and security are essential. A2 is the highest fire rating possible for a glass laminate product.

Cuttable from stock

Chromatics is a versatile glass product. Unlike toughened glass, it can be cut, drilled or edge-worked from stock – intricate shapes can even be cut safely using water jets. That means standard Chromatics glass panels can be held in stock, ready for cutting or shaping to suit any project.

Any colour, image or mirror

You can choose Chromatics panels in any RAL colour or a mirror finish, as standard. Or we can print your own brand colours and logo, as well as high-definition, magazine-quality images. Our glass has 100% opacity, so you get an unrivalled depth of colour and a true colour match. The colour or print layer is encased between the glass and aluminium, protecting it from scratching or damage. It is also UV stable for more than 25 years, so it won’t fade or discolour.

Shatterproof and blast resistant

Our A2 fire-rated glass panels can withstand and absorb explosive forces to protect buildings and people. Chromatics panels have been bomb blast tested with repeated explosions up to 1800kg by the UK and Italian military. The glass product is shatterproof, meaning it will remain intact after explosions and impact, with no dangerous shards or fragments.


Chromatics safety glass is half the weight of conventional laminated toughened glass and considerably lighter than alternative cladding materials such as steel, concrete and stone. Using such lightweight cladding reduces structural costs and the complexity of support systems required. It can be fixed using either structural adhesives or a modified invisible hooked system. The strength and impact resistance of Chromatics also means you can often specify 4mm glass instead of 6mm, further reducing weight and costs for your project.

Environmentally friendly

Chromatics is made entirely from recyclable and renewable materials, with no toxic elements or solvent-based compounds. The manufacturing process uses low-energy green technology that creates no harmful by-products.

Thermally safe

A Chromatics panel can withstand a temperature difference of 60°C across its surface. Most other glass products can only withstand temperature differences of 40°C before cracking. Such temperature differences can easily occur where parts of a panel are exposed to direct sunlight while other parts are shaded, perhaps by a frame or drainpipe. It means Chromatics glass can safely be used for exterior cladding in any climate, with no need for toughening.

Chromatics Glass has ceased trading.

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