Unbreakable shatterproof mirrors for safety-critical applications

By encapsulating a mirror layer between the glass and aluminium of a Chromatics panel, we can create high-quality, robust safety mirrors. These are commonly used in gymnasiums, sports centres, public washrooms, hotel bathrooms, student accommodation, and other high-use areas where safety is paramount, as well as in mechanical structures that are subject to movement or vibration.

Safety mirrors that are designed to last

The shatterproof properties of Chromatics safety glass make it the ideal product for these safety-critical applications. The glass panels are highly impact resistant, but also shatterproof. If subjected to extreme repeated impact, the glass panel will break safely and remain intact, with no sharp fragments or loose shards of glass.

High-quality mirrors in bespoke sizes

The clear glass creates a high-quality, reflective mirror surface. Chromatics safety mirrors are also fire safe, with an A2 fire rating. They can be cut to any size or shape to suit individual requirements.

NBS Plus

NBS Plus product specification

Chromatics Safety Mirror – Shatterproof, laminated safety glass mirror.

Chromatics Glass has ceased trading.

Remaining stock is held by Independent Glass:

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