Enhance your interiors with coloured glass balustrades

Chromatics coloured glass balustrades are a simple, safe and robust way to enhance any internal balcony, staircase or mezzanine floor. Printed in any colour or design, and with a smooth, reflective finish, Chromatics glass will enhance your interior features and complement any style you choose.

Lightweight glass balconies

Crucially for interior applications, Chromatics panels weigh from just 15kg/m2, enabling you to create lightweight glass balconies that are quick and easy to install. Chromatics panels can also be cut to any size and shaped to your specifications from stock. That reduces lead times and enables you to create bespoke balustrades to fit the dimensions of your interior space.

Shatterproof and fire-safe balustrades

Safety is a primary consideration for any interior glass application. Chromatics glass is impact resistant and shatterproof. It also provides superior fire resistance, having gained the A2 fire certification – the highest rating possible for a glass laminate product.

NBS Plus

NBS Plus product specification

Chromatics Safety Glass – A fire-rated, lightweight, shatterproof safety glass stock sheet, suitable for exterior and interior use in multiple applications and markets.

Chromatics Glass has ceased trading.

Remaining stock is held by Independent Glass:

01623 416300 processing@independentglass.co.uk