Chromatics glass is shatterproof

Shatterproof and impact resistant

The organic elements used in the Chromatics production process form a molecularly bonded product that is a laminate of float glass, colour layer and metal – not a toughened glass. Consequently, Chromatics is not susceptible to catastrophic nickel sulphide breaks.

  • Chromatics is shatterproof and, while withstanding considerable force, breaks safely under repeated extreme impact. Even when broken, a panel will retain its integrity, remaining intact, waterproof and functional until it can be replaced. A broken panel can be carried away whole, making installation and maintenance much safer.
  • Chromatics can also withstand mechanical vibration and can be installed safely on lift cars and escalators.
  • Standard Chromatics meets BS EN 12600 3(B)3 requirements, when in a framed application or bonded to aluminium sections, and achieves 1(B)1 when bonded directly to a substrate.
  • Standard Chromatics meets ‘Integrity of a laminate’ test – BSEN ISO 12543