A high quality finish that does not fade

High quality finish

Chromatics has a high level of visual appeal.

  • The solid colour or printed image has depth, richness and a long life, being encapsulated between the glass and the aluminium layers, and will not fade or discolour over more than 25 years.
  • Being shatterproof and lightweight, Chromatics panels can be used in frameless fixing systems (e.g. rainscreen cladding), providing a clean, elegant and ‘seamless’ look.
  • Chromatics is 100% opaque, with no pinholes and no risk of show-through from adhesives or adjacent surfaces.
  • With no ‘grain’, Chromatics can be oriented in any way (thereby reducing cutting losses).
  • Being annealed glass, the laminate’s first surface has a flawless flat finish, completely smooth and with no roller wave distortion.