Fire and Bomb Resistant

Fire and bomb resistant

  • Non combustible, fire safe, bomb blast-resistant cladding for multiple exterior and interior applications.
  • Withstand and absorb explosive forces to protect the building and people inside it
  • High security, decorative facades which absorb both low and high frequency shock waves adding no fragments to the explosion zone.
  • Bomb blast tested with repeated explosions up to 1800Kg of explosives by UK and Italian MOD.
  • Shatterproof remaining intact after explosions and impact with no projected fragments
  • Eliminate electronic surveillance and radar
  • Designed for use on and in structures where security is key such as public spaces, embassies, discreet security and military bases.
  • Approved for use and in service at BAA and Network Rail.
  • Available in any colour and/or image

Chromatics security panels can be supplied to meet your bespoke specification. For further information about your project please email