any colour image or mirror

Any colour, image or mirror

Chromatics panels can be made in any colour, printed with a high-definition, magazine quality digital image or mirror. The colour or print layer is encapsulated between the glass and aluminium layers, so it is protected from scratching or damage, is UV stable for more than 25 years and will not fade or discolour.

Characteristics of our solid colour product

  • Any RAL Classic or RAL Design colour can be consistently matched, with no colour variation.
  • Using the same feedstock, panels can be accurately replicated, even when made years apart.
  • Chromatics achieves an unrivalled depth of colour, with 100% opacity, no pin-holes, and no risk of show-through.
  • The pigments used are organic for all colours, including vivid reds, yellows and oranges, and are entirely free from heavy metals (e.g. lead and cadmium) and other toxic elements.
  • Corporate colours can be exactly matched, providing exciting opportunities to reflect corporate identities in interior and exterior applications.

Characteristics of our printed image product

  • Chromatics can be printed with a digital image supplied by the client, opening up an infinite range of exciting opportunities.
  • Logos, signage and advertising can be incorporated, making Chromatics ideal for reproducing corporate branding. Even small print is clearly and legibly reproduced.
  • It is possible to replicate any traditional finishes, for example natural stone, wood, terracotta, porcelain, marble, ceramic, brick and metal surfaces.
  • Bespoke artwork can be incorporated into designs or produced for exhibitions.