Bring your building to life with vibrant, low-cost curtain walling

When you want to create a flawless, striking and fire-resistant curtain wall for any exterior application, Chromatics monolithic spandrel panels provide all the strength, safety and versatility you need. Chromatics glass spandrels offer an affordable, easy-to-install curtain walling solution that fulfils all the safety and design requirements of engineers and architects.

Affordable, lightweight, shatterproof curtain walling

Chromatics A2 fire-rated and shatterproof glass spandrels provide a light weight, aesthetically versatile alternative to toughened glass or double-glazed spandrels. Our spandrel panels are designed to clip easily into conventional curtain walling systems as insulated glass units (IGUs). Stock sheets of Chromatics glass can be cut, shaped or edge-worked to suit any project, significantly reducing lead times.

UV-resistant colours and images to brighten any building

Chromatics monolithic spandrel panels are perfectly flat, with no roller wave, pinholes or show through. Any RAL colours are available, or we can exactly match your corporate colours, and print images with exceptional depth of colour and clarity. Our high-definition digital printing process produces durable, UV-resistant colours that remain bright and vibrant for the life of your curtain wall panels.

NBS Plus

NBS Plus product specification

Chromatics Monolithic Spandrel Panels – Lightweight, shatterproof safety glass spandrel panel, designed for use in curtain wall systems as an insulated glass unit (IGU).

Chromatics Glass has ceased trading.

Remaining stock is held by Independent Glass:

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