Robust, secure laminated glass balustrades

Shatterproof and fire-safe, Chromatics safety glass is the ideal product to specify when you want to create visually stunning, robust and secure glass balustrades.

Fire-safe glass balcony, terrace or staircase balustrades

Whether you want to create a stylish glass balcony, terrace or external stairway, Chromatics laminated glass balustrades offer all the design versatility you need, combined with the strength and safety attributes to meet all regulatory requirements. The lightweight panels are easy to install using simple fixing systems, and can be cut or shaped from stock – giving you an affordable balustrade solution.

Choose glass balustrades in any colour or style

You can create solid glass balcony panels that feature any design or colour you require. High-definition images can be printed onto the panels or you can opt for a mirror finish to help blend your balustrade with its surroundings. All printed images or colours printed are UV stable for 25 years, so they won’t fade or discolour.

NBS Plus

NBS Plus product specification

Chromatics Safety Glass – A fire-rated, lightweight, shatterproof safety glass stock sheet, suitable for exterior and interior use in multiple applications and markets.

Chromatics Glass has ceased trading.

Remaining stock is held by Independent Glass:

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