Combining durability and safety for any external glass application

Glass used in any exterior application needs to be tough enough to withstand impacts and extreme weather conditions, as well as being shatterproof and fire resistant to ensure public safety. Chromatics glass is not only bomb and impact resistant, it is also A2 fire-rated to provide assurance of its fire resistance, safety and integrity.

Chromatics safety glass stands out from the competition because it combines these functional properties with unrivalled design versatility and quality. Any colour, image or design can be printed in high definition behind the clear glass panel, providing a depth and clarity of colour that no other safety glass can match. Add to this its light weight and ease of cutting and fitting, and you have the ultimate aesthetically stunning, affordable safety glass for any exterior application.


Chromatics coloured glass rainscreen cladding offers strength, durability and impact resistance to withstand extreme environmental conditions, while creating a clean-cut, fixing-free fpinish to any structure.

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Spandrel panels

Chromatics monolithic spandrel panels provide all the strength, safety and versatility you need for external curtain walling. providing a lightweight, easy-to-fit alternative to double-glazed spandrels.

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Shatterproof and fire-safe, Chromatics safety glass can be used to create visually stunning, robust and secure glass balustrades for balconies, terraces or external stairways.

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Chromatics printed glass panels provide clear, bright signage that’s shatterproof, safe and durable enough to withstand pressure, scrapes and impacts in the busiest public places.

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NBS Plus

NBS Plus product specification

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Chromatics Glass has ceased trading.

Remaining stock is held by Independent Glass:

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