Partitions, balustrades
and back-lit feature walls

Partitions and balustrades can be built using various forms of Chromatics.

Opaque partitions

For fully opaque partitions the specifier can combine plain colour and/or HD print options to achieve different looks ie;

  • Chromatics Safety Glass adhered back to back.
  • Insulated partitioning: apply insulated board between 2 panels of Chromatics.
  • Fire-proof partitioning; apply Acell Monolithic Rigid Board between 2 panels of Chromatics.
  • All are 1(B)1 indicative safety glass solutions.

Vision panels

If translucency and vision areas are required, Chromatics vision panels can be applied with a durable and UV resistant colour, design or image of your choice encapsulated within the laminate. Plain colour and varying depths or tints of colour can be achieved across a single pane.

Back-lit feature walls

Back-lit feature walls, ceilings and light boxes can be achieved using the semi-translucent, high definition Chromatics print process.