Invisible Fix

Invisible fix

Chromatics panels may be bonded directly to a flat substrate internally with no visible fixings to give a 1(B)1 safety glass cladding or, if the substrate is not completely flat or a stand-off is required, the panels can be applied using a modified form of the structurally-bonded rainscreen system or simple top-hat sections. The shatterproof continuous glass wall is fully ventilated and easily maintained.

Invisible fix system

The market for Chromatics Safety Glass used in an invisible fix system is enhanced by its ability to complement the exterior cladding, allowing an architect to run a design through the canopy and into the building.

The advantages of Chromatics Safety Glass over conventional materials:

  • Exterior grade durable panels which can be structurally bonded.
  • Certified shatterproof safety glass.
  • Lightweight and versatile.
  • May be bonded on-site to pre-fixed rails or factory-bonded for clip-up systems.
  • Available in any colour and/or digital image.
  • Flawless, durable, flat finish with no pinholes, show-through or roller-wave.
  • Corporate colours, logos, signage and wayfinding can be incorporated.
  • A stock product which can be cut and edge-worked after process to significantly reduce lead times.