Curtain Walling

Curtain walling

The existing spandrel market is currently frustrated by the need for choice of colour and a lightweight alternative to a double-glazed spandrel.

The advantages over conventional materials

  • Lower weight, shatterproof panels with full colour and/or digital print.
  • Exactly matched corporate colours, logos and signage can be incorporated into single or multiple panels.
  • Not susceptible to catastrophic nickel sulphide breaks.
  • Available as a monolithic panel or as a component in double or triple glazed units.
  • Environmentally considerate – no toxins or heavy metals used in low energy process using recyclable and renewable resources.
  • Available in stock sheets up to 4m x 2.6m.
  • A stock product which can be cut and edge-worked after process to significantly reduce lead times.
  • Chromatics ultra-low-e panel may be specified as a component.

Low-cost option

Innovation in the application of rainscreen panels has evolved a look-alike curtain walling system that simply clips onto the rainscreen facade and visually converts the rainscreen to a curtain walling system, at very low cost.

Chromatics vision panels

Combining traditional transparent safety glass laminate panels with the unique Chromatics high definition print process allows a durable and UV resistant colour, design or image to be encapsulated within the vision panel. Plain colour and varying depths or tints of colour can be achieved across a single pane. This newly developed product was market-led with architects being enamoured with the versatility of design Chromatics print allows whilst requiring a transparent or translucent window unit.