Unique combination of strength, beauty and safety

Chromatics is an A2 fire-rated, coloured safety glass designed for exterior and interior applications. It comprises a unique colour coating with an aluminium backing applied to annealed glass. It offers extreme strength and durability in a lightweight product that can be printed in high-definition with any colour, image or design.

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Why choose Chromatics safety glass?

Chromatics is the only safety glass with an A2 fire certification, making it ideal for use on structures where safety and security are paramount. Unlike toughened glass, Chromatics panels can be cut, drilled or edge-worked from stock – reducing lead times and costs on any project.

The panels are blast resistant and shatterproof, for complete safety assurance. They are also lighter than typical toughened glass solutions, (which may need to be laminated), and other alternative claddings, making them simpler, faster and cheaper to install.

Coloured, opaque glass that brings buildings to life

Chromatics panels can be digitally printed with any standard or corporate colour, or with any image or a mirror finish. Our panels give an unrivalled depth of colour and a true colour match. The coloured (or printed) layer behind the glass is protected from scratching or damage, and is UV resistant to prevent fading or discolouring.

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Our glass benefits from three unique properties

Safer for your project

Shatterproof, fire-resistant and non-combustible, Chromatics glass cladding helps to protect your people, property and assets.

Stronger than standard glass

Impact and blast resistant, Chromatics glass is designed for heavy-duty applications in challenging environments.

Lighter than similar materials

Lightweight and easy to cut, Chromatics glass is quick, safe and easy to install, saving time and cost on your project.

Exterior glass makes a bold statement

Non-combustible, blast resistant and fire safe, Chromatics coloured glass can be used architecturally to transform and protect buildings of any size. It can be used to create spandrels, curtain walling, balustrades and signage for buildings ranging from hospitals, schools and hotels, to airports, office blocks and shopping malls.

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Interior glass adds the finishing touch

Chromatics safety glass is a safe, durable and attractive material for a wide range of interior applications. Wall linings, feature panels, cladding and balustrades can be produced in any colour or design to enhance any interior space, from lobbies, offices and galleries, to restaurants, kitchens and washrooms.

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Chromatics Glass has ceased trading.

Remaining stock is held by Independent Glass:

01623 416300 processing@independentglass.co.uk